A newsletter containing what I find interesting in “hard tech”, which I’m defining as companies/projects that are still developing experimental, unproven technology. Each weekly update contains:

  • A 500 - 1000 word commentary on what I’ve been following in tech. It may or may not be related to recent news. I try to link in enough background information to give useful background info or further reading.

  • Links to news that I found interesting, and the people who make / aggregate it.


Every tech sub-industry (fintech, social networks, etc.) seems to have its own newsletter, but I couldn't find anything for hard tech. This is my attempt to fill the gap.


I’m an Extremely Online engineer who has worked on space robots, wearable tech, and currently eVTOLs. The best way to reach me is via Twitter DM.

What’s With the Name?

The Mohs scale is the way geologists rank the hardness of different minerals, with 10 being the highest (hard as diamonds).